10 Fun Fantastic Fabulous Activities

10 Fun Fantastic Fabulous Activities, and not your every day nice weather activities, can make the difference between the 2017, and a Fun Fantastic Fabulous 2017.

Yes, you may have an after school job, and a ton of homework, but there’s still plenty of time to have some fun. You can approach every weekend wondering how you are going to spend it, or you can put these 10 Fun, Fantastic and Fabulous Activities (albeit, a bit oddball) into your schedule.

The First Five Fun, Fantastic and Fabulous Activities

  1. Set up a Quidditch tournament, and form a team.
  2. Play Capture the Flag, Zombieland version, at a local park…One team Human; One team Zombies.
  3. Mow the lawn so it looks like a PacMan board, and play your friends.
  4. Spray paint the lawn like a chessboard layout, and then gather the neighborhood for a game of chess or checkers where people are the playing pieces. Not your game? How about Chutes and Ladders, Monopoly, or Twister?
  5. Set up a Scavenger Hunt around town, centering the clues around a theme (Summer Movies, Twilight series, Harry Potter, Avengers, X-men, Barbie…you get the idea). Or set up a Library Scavenger Hunt using your favorite books.

The Second Five Fun, Fantastic and Fabulous Activities

  1. Set up an Obstacle Course. Run through it timing yourself, and then beat your time. Eventually invite others to partake, which can lead to setting up teams.
  2. Form a Book Club that acts out a chapter from your current read.
  3. Invite your friends and neighbors to Weekend Recess at an elementary school. Play Dodge Ball, Kick the Can, Hopscotch, Four Square, Double Dutch, Tag, Hide & Seek, Simon Says, Red Light, Horse, etc. It will be a whole new experience with teen players.
  4. Put glow sticks in water-filled plastic bottles for nighttime lawn bowling in the dark. Pair that up with a marshmallow roast and s’mores.
  5. Hold a Craft Until Dawn Party. Create fantastic crafts together (Jewelry. Bookmarks. Baskets. Bedazzling. String Art. Convert T-Shirts to Purses. Pencil Holders. Cup Holders. Cell Phone Covers. Bath salts jars.) Directions and suggestions can be found online.
Not your typical summer activity list, is it? Don’t settle for a typical summer. Make it a Fun, Fantastic and Fabulous Summer! Do you have an unusual teen-friendly summer activity? Please share!

(reprinted from 50 Fun, Fantastic and Fabulous Alternatives to Dating in the upcoming book for teens, The Awesome Girl Transformation Handbook: How To Keep From Feeling Totally Clueless  by Deborah Ann Davis)

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