20 Minutes Can Change Your Life

It’s true. 20 Minutes can change your life…depending on how you fill those 20 minutes. Do you have 20 minutes to learn how to help the planet? Or 20 minutes to share with your family? How about 20 minutes to examine your life? Or to feel more empowered?

What if you could do all of those things in the same 20 minutes?

You can! Go get your family and come watch this 20 minute video, THE STORY OF STUFF by Annie Leonard. I used to show it to my Environmental Science classes to help them understand how they can make a difference. The fact that teens don’t like the idea of being manipulated, especially by advertising, motivated them to institute changes in themselves…and in the people around them.
That’s the Ripple Effect in action. If I taught 5 classes of 22 kids, and only 10 out of each class were roused to some action, I was affecting 50 incidences of change for our planet. By sharing ideas!

But wait! There’s more!

If each of those 50 kids got one friend or family member to take some action, no matter how small, that was another 50 acts on the behalf of our collective future. That’s 100 attempts to help our world, and our environment. Does the fact that I recycle change the planet? Not in a big way, but the fact that my town recycles creates a bigger change. So does the recycling by my state, Connecticut. That’s all of us working together, creating a larger impact, without even discussing it.

Small individual changes add up to Large Impacts.

I invite you to sit back with your loved ones and watch STORY OF STUFF.
When you’re finished watching the video, here’s 5 easy ways to contribute to the positive impact to get you started. Try a few, and if you find them easy, get someone else to do them, too.

  1. Shorten your shower by 1 measly minute.

  2. Instead of running the water while you brush your teeth, fill a cup with water and use that.

  3. Reduce the amount of stuff you use, Reuse the stuff you already have, and Recycle the stuff you are done with.

  4. Don’t speed when you drive. You’ll use up less gasoline.

  5. Put on an extra sweater instead of raising the heat.

They’re not so hard, right?
If you watch the video, please leave a comment so others will understand. If you contribute to the positive impact, tell us what you do so we can try it, too.
And, of course, share this with a friend. I Conserve Water. What is your superpower?