Happiness Workshop to Help with Positive Thinking 

How Do You Shut Down That Inner Critic?  

Many of us have a voice that is critical of who we are and how we behave. The negativity can come in many forms; you’re ugly, you’re stupid, you’re too fat, you’re not good enough, etc., etc. Even if you think you have all the boxes checked to have a fruitful meaningful life—your inner critic will tell you different. Our Happiness workshop; Get Your Happy On & Keep It On! Will help smack down that inner critic that has prevented you from having a meaning life. 

What Makes You Happy? 

Happiness is like art—we know it when we see it. Or in the case of emotions—we know it when we feel it. Happiness is a slippery word to define, but most agree, when we are living content and purposeful lives, we are happy. But, where does purpose and contentedness come from? It comes from two places: inside your head (Inner Environment) and outside your body (Outside Environment). You can’t just be happy if you only try to perceive things differently. Saying an empty glass is half full does miraculously add water to the glass (inner environment). And an empty glass is not going to quench a thirst (Outer Environment). So, you see, you need both inner and outer environments to reach contentedness and purpose. In other words, to be happy.  

Creating an Inner Environment for a Positive Outlook 

Congratulations, you have already started. You found this blog post because you were already thinking about being happier. That is the first step and you have already taken it! In our happiness workshop, Get Your Happy On & Keep It On! I share 10 more things you can do to reframe your inner environment to increase happiness. The best part? They are all easy and you don’t have to do all 10! Pick and choose the ones that resonate with you.  

Revamping Your Outer Environment 

You have less influence of your outer environment than your inner environment—but that doesn’t mean you have ZERO influence. Even if it is not food, everything outside you is consumed. You don’t just consume with your mouth, but your eyes and ears too. In our happiness workshop, Get Your Happy On & Keep It On!  You learn how become more mindful of what you are “consuming”. We don’t just mean figuratively. Literally what you consume in your diet also impacts your happiness. You learn all about it in our workshop. 

How Do I Sign Up for This Happiness Workshop?  

We only have this workshop a few times a year, so seating is limited. We do have an exclusive early bird special for readers of this blog. Learn all the details by clicking the following link. Happiness Workshop, Get Your Happy On & Keep It On!   

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