Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

According to Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, if you shorten your shower by ONE MINUTE, you can save 10 gallons of water for every shower.conserve water
If you shower daily, that’s 70 gallons a week. If you get 1 other person to shorten his/her shower by one minute, that would be 140 gallons of water you would be responsible for saving. Be a planet hero!
Remember, with 52 weeks in a year, that’s 7,280 gallons of water that can be saved every year by 2 people if they shorten their shower by a measly 1 minute.

What if you got your neighbors on board, too?

That, my friend, is the Ripple Effect.

Indoor Water Consumption

ActivityGallons Used (Conventional)Gallons Used (Water Saving*)
Toilet Flushing5 – 7 gallons per flush1½ – 3½ gallons per flush
Shower (water running)7 – 10 gallons per minute2 – 4 gallons per minute
Bath (full tub) 36 – 50 gallons (conventional)30 – 40 gallons (conventional)
40 – 80 gallons (whirlpool)
Laundry Machine (full load)60 gallons top loader42 gallons top loader
Dishwasher15 gallons normal load7½ – 10 gallons normal load
Dish Washing by hand30 gallons tap running10 – 20 gallons tap running
Shaving20 gallons tap running2 – 5 gallons tap running
Brushing Teeth10 gallons tap running2 – 3 gallons tap running
Washing Hands2 gallons tap running1 – 2 gallons tap running
30-50 gallons
7-10 minutes
Average shower = 12 -15 minutes
A 15 minute shower = 150 gallons
Many people shower more than 15 minutes
During hot weather, we tend to shower more often
* The rate of consumption for water-saving devices or products significantly varies. Please check the plumbing fixture package to determine the merchandise’s efficiency.** AVERAGE CONSUMPTION PER DAY PER PERSON = 70 GALLONS(Last modified on: Tue, 13 May 2014)

PS: What if you got your town to shorten their showers…
I’ll bet you can come up with some other ways to conserve water. What are they?

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