Healthy Holiday Recipe Sources

The holiday season is upon us, no doubt. Are you preparing for this November-though-January-marathon? I certainly hope so, because if you are treating the holidays like a sprint, you will burn out quickly. Personally, I vote for making the whole thing as easy and relaxed as possible… but that’s just me.
For the rest of you, I’ve compiled a list of 5 recipe resources (at the end of my ramblings) so you can stock your freezer with meals ahead of time. That should make the holiday rush slow down a bit.
Between now and the next holiday, make a double recipe of every meal you prepare, and freeze half. On those frenzied nights when the kids have a games/performances/jobs on the opposite sides of town, the dog needs to go to the vet, and you have guests visiting, pop your frozen delight out of the freezer, and calmly sail through the evening.
If any holiday events require that you bring something more than napkins (you may remember I’m not a fan of cooking; just a fan of eating), select a recipe you can freeze and make a double recipe of that. That will give you tonight’s dinner, and you will be prepared ahead of time for the event.
Bonus: You get to test the recipe on your unsuspecting family.
One last reminder before you lose yourself in the euphoria of online recipes, please formally schedule time for yourself where no one can reach you. Make it half a day, or make it 5 minutes, but do it often. The more centered you are, the less stressed your family will be, and the more calm the holidays will be.
May you look back on this holiday season and say, “This was the healthiest holiday ever!” (so far)

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