How Did I Get Here?

My mom says I’m the only person she knows who likes to pull up her roots and move. Born in Kentucky, raised in Connecticut, educated in Massachusetts and Georgia, life was good.
And then, just to put icing on a gluten-free cake, out of the blue I landed my high school sweetheart 12 years after our first kiss <sigh> so I got to move around with his job (yay!). I am a bonafide move-aholic. In my spare time (if I had any) I try to live a sustainable life, write novels, dance, play, and laugh really hard every day. Occasionally I ask myself, How Did I Get Here?
As a high school science teacher, moving never posed a problem. I could always find employment in a new town. Good thing, because I just love teaching science. It has to be the coolest subject under the sun- environmental, biology, ecology, meteorology, astronomy, geology, oceanography- I love them all. I’ve taught high school and middle school; urban and rural; upper middle class and poverty level; Hispanics, blacks and whites; English as a second language learners and English abusers.
With all that variety, kids are so similar. They don’t understand how cool science is until you show them. They all want to be accepted. They want to succeed. They want to be admired by their peers and their teachers. They believe stuff is easier for everyone else. Everyone is popular, except them. Everyone is good-looking, except them.

Sound familiar?

In all my schools, the kids think they know more about electronic devices than their teachers (which they do), and they try to make me laugh (which they do).
I began writing when I decided to compose the text for our new business website. It seemed a wee bit presumptuous to think I could just pick up a pen and write, so I took Non-Fiction Writing course. Guess what? I was good at it! Who knew? So, I went right out there and… you guessed it… taught science (a girl has to make a living, you know).
Many years later, my daughter became a budding author with her first book in first grade. We still quote from it: “We walked and walked and walked. And we talked and talked and talked. And then we ate chocolate ice cream.”
Pretty eloquent, eh? >proud mommy sniff< A chip off the old block.
She has since graduated from the money pit known as Northeastern University, where she earned an advanced degree in Opinion.
Oh, wait. That was what she graduated high school with… No, I was right the first time. She graduated from high school with Attitude, and from college with Advanced Opinion.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining- I raised her!
My parents’ generation called young women like her “tomboys”. My generation called them “bossy women”. Today, they are known as “women”. We, with the help of her high school and college, produced a young woman who makes us very proud.
Her writing made me want to write. Eventually, I decided to devote summers to writing, and spend the rest of the year to teaching. (We still managed to fit in a move here and there.)
Then, the oddest thing happened. One day I realized I wanted to write more than I wanted to relocate, and I’ve been writing ever since.
My first series is called Love Of Fairs, quirky tales of young people trying to prevail in unusual situations, with a bit of suspenseful intrigue and mystical realism thrown in for good measure.
The first two books of the series, Fairly Certain, and Fairly Safe, will be debuting this summer. (Yay!) Whether you go to fairs undercover or for fun, you will enjoy watching these characters trying to overcome the odds.

“Variety is the spice of life.” – Unknown
“If Variety is the spice of life, Humor is my favorite flavor.” Deborah Ann Davis
I’m just saying…

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