Moms Need A Day Off From Parenting

Motherhood Is The Most Time-Consuming Job Of All Time 

Mothers, how much of your day is consumed with taking care of your family? How often do you take a full day, or even a few hours, off for yourself? Do you avoid taking time off because you feel like you always have to be dialed into your family’s needs? 

Hi, I’m Deborah Ann Davis. As a personal coach, author, educator, and speaker, I’ve worked closely with mothers like yourself to help them realize they don’t always have to be “on the job” as mothers. Taking time off is a necessity, not a luxury. I use the knowledge and experience that have come from earning my B.S. in education, my M.Ed. in Supervision, and my certification as a W.I.T.S as a Personal Trainer to help Awesome Moms recognize just how awesome they are. 

Why Shouldn’t You Take A Day Off As A Mother? 

Think about it. What job doesn’t come with time off purposefully built into the schedule? Even if you have a full-time career, you can usually expect to have not only a couple of days off on the weekend but also vacation time when you need a break and sick days when you need to take care of your health. 

Mothers, however, don’t get vacation days from their jobs as mothers. They don’t get sick days, either. If you’re on vacation with your family, you likely spent weeks preparing so your family could have fun. While they relax, you stay dialed in to make sure everyone is having a good time. When you’re sick, you likely feel the need to push through and continue your regular job as a mom no matter how you feel. 

Remember Why Time off Is Important 

Why does every job build off time into their schedules? Because off time is necessary. Those breaks are what allow you to rejuvenate, recover, and recharge. Why would you deny yourself breaks as a mother, then? Don’t you need to rejuvenate, recover, and recharge? Don’t you deserve to take care of yourself? Additionally, doesn’t your family deserve a rejuvenated and recharged you? 

Mothers’ Days In August 

To help you Awesome Moms get the break you need, I’ve arranged for Mothers’ Days in August. Typically, Mother’s Day is the one day a year moms get off. I’m providing mothers an opportunity to get more than one break a year. When you reserve your spot for Mothers’ Days in August, you’ll get access to full-day interactive workshops. Connect with other moms and remind yourself you aren’t alone in your struggles. These days are by moms, for moms, and about moms – don’t miss out! Reserve your spot now! 

Enhance Your Happiness! Get Expert Parent Coaching 

I’m Deborah Ann Davis, and I’m dedicated to helping awesome moms like you. My mission is to guide moms like you, by identifying what you’re already doing right, and supporting the areas that may be a little weak. As a personal coach, author, educator, and speaker (along with my B.S. in education, M.Ed. in Supervision, and W.I.T.S Personal Trainer certification), I use all of my expertise to bolster your situation. 

Learn how to improve your mother-daughter relationship today. Every minute you wait to seek the parenting help you need only prolongs the isolation your child feels when disconnected from you. She’s waiting for you to figure it out.  

Have questions? Contact me today. Don’t forget to book your free Clarity Consult

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