Traditional Holiday Wiggle

What better time to Wiggle than the Holidays!

 Join me in the

Traditional Holiday Wiggle

Wiggle while you Wrap.

Wiggle while you Work.

Wiggle while you Weep over holiday movies.

And definitely Wiggle while you Welcome People to your home.


Don’t forget the traditional After Dinner Family Waddle. Bundle everyone up and drag them outside. Once or twice around the block should do it. Wiggle while you Waddle! Help your body digest. Get your blood flowing. Move that lymph. When you get back inside, have a glass of water before you do anything else. Toast to everyone’s good health in the coming year. That will be a lot of positive energy in one place.
Inclement weather? No problem! Set up the Traditional Obstacle Course around your home and have everyone go through it.
Time them! Compete as individuals, as families, as age groups, as cross-generational teams. Don’t forget to use your laugh muscles. Winners get dibs on dessert.
What? These are not part of your traditions?
No problem. It’s never too late to set up a tradition in the Wiggle Realm.
Not a observer of holidays? No problem. I repeat, it’s never too late to set up a tradition in the Wiggle Realm. Wiggle your way to better health.
Hey, Wiggle Writers!
To avoid Over-Use Injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tennis Elbow, switch it up. I just moved my mouse and mouse pad to the other side of the computer. This feels as awkward as trying to copy words from a mirror image using your non-dominant hand. It slows me down, but in the 3 days since I’ve started, I see improvement already.
I still habitually wave my other hand over the former mouse location. To a casual observer, it looks like I’m casting a spell on the only empty spot on my desk. I can’t quite bring myself to put anything there. Someday I will switch back, but probably not until Spring. Learning new skills grows new brain cells.

Speaking of Spring…

The Days Are Getting Longer!

Ever since December 21, 2014. Can you feel the light returning? I sure can. (It’s the Science Geek in me.)

 Just thinking about it makes me want to Wiggle! C’mon, Wiggle With Me!

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