Whiting Mills Studios

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Whiting Mills Studios

And the Weaving. And the Woodworking. Not to mention the wares crafted by the Silversmith, the Quilter, the Artist, the Photographer, the Herbalist, the Jeweler, the Robotists, the Potters,  the Musicians, the Writers, etc. They all resided at 100 Whiting Street in Winston, CT for a weekend for the Holiday Open Studios & Guest Artists Event the first weekend in December.

I was joined by fellow authors, Douglas Werner
and Dave Lopardo

As the sun began to set, this gentleman wandered in and began to play. The music was lovely, melodic and haunting.

The mill has been converted into studios of all shapes and sizes. The artists represent a plethora of generations, hailing from a variety of backgrounds , and simply bursting with talent. Everything was fascinating, including the building. My favorite part was the restored freight elevator, the first wooden elevator I have ever seen. If you are in the Winsted area, stop by and immerse yourself in a universe of creativity. 

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