Mothers, Take A Day Off From Parenting For Yourself 

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When Was The Last Time You Had A Day Off, Moms? 

Mothers often feel that they can’t take time for themselves – sometimes even to the point of neglecting their own needs. If you feel a sense of guilt any time you consider taking some much-needed “me time” as a mom, know that you’re not alone and that you don’t have to feel guilty. When, after all, was your last day off? How many other jobs expect someone to continue working with no breaks? Why should moms forego a break when breaks are necessary to recharge, recover, and rejuvenate? 

You Are An Awesome Mom 

Hi, you Awesome Moms! I’m Deborah Ann Davis – and I’m here to remind you that you don’t need to strive for impossible perfection because you are better than perfect. You’re an Awesome Mom. I work as a personal coach, author, educator, and speaker to help moms like you remember how awesome they are. I utilize my B.S. in education, my M.Ed. in Supervision, and my certification as a W.I.T.S as a Personal Trainer to make sure moms don’t remain isolated and take time to take care of themselves. 

Mothers’ Days In August Will Begin Soon 

What are Mothers’ Days in August, you ask? Doesn’t Mother’s Day typically come in May? 

Since Awesome Moms so rarely take time for themselves and Mother’s Day is typically the one day reserved for moms to take off, I’ve decided to arrange for more Mothers’ Days in the year. I encourage you to join me and other moms like yourself for Mothers’ Days in August! I will be leading full-day interactive workshops both in person and virtually. Don’t miss out! 

Learn To Put Yourself First 

These workshops are by moms, for moms, and about moms. Mothers, it is time you learn to put yourself first. Taking care of yourself is a necessity, not a luxury. Putting yourself first doesn’t mean neglecting your family – it means making sure you are at your best! By taking care of yourself first, you can be sure you’re giving your family the high-quality mom care they deserve. 

Connect With Other Moms 

Motherhood can be isolating. You’re so busy taking care of your family that you don’t have time to connect with other mothers. You can’t see that the things you struggle with are things many mothers struggle with, so you assume you’re not doing something right. Through Mothers’ Days in August, you can connect with other moms like you! No longer must you remain isolated in your motherhood. 

Reserve your spot soon! Mothers’ Days in August are just around the corner! 

Enhance Your Happiness! Get Expert Parent Coaching 

I’m Deborah Ann Davis, and I’m dedicated to helping awesome moms like you. My mission is to guide moms like you, by identifying what you’re already doing right, and supporting the areas that may be a little weak. As a personal coach, author, educator, and speaker (along with my B.S. in education, M.Ed. in Supervision, and W.I.T.S Personal Trainer certification), I use all of my expertise to bolster your situation. 

Learn how to improve your mother-daughter relationship today. Every minute you wait to seek the parenting help you need only prolongs the isolation your child feels when disconnected from you. She’s waiting for you to figure it out.  

Have questions? Contact me today. Don’t forget to book your Free 30 Minute Chat.

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