Teenage Tantrums? Venn Diagrams to the Rescue

Not all teenage girls fly off the handle, or blow things out of proportion. But Mom, if you happen to be living with your very own human rollercoaster, it can be very difficult to find resolution for many topics, and especially the more volatile subjects.

Deborah’s Sage Parent Coaching Advice…

The good news is parents can use the Venn Diagram to reduce the number of arguments in your home. It worked for me and mine, so, when applied correctly, I know it can work for you and yours.

Use the valiant Venn Diagram whenever you have a choice to make together, or when you have differing opinions. Draw the two circles, designating one for you and one for her. Then brainstorm.

As the ideas spill from your lips, and your daughter’s, separate the ones she’s not keen on from the ones that curdle your cream by placing them into their designated spheres.

When Do You Use This Parenting Strategy, Mom?

Put the awesome ones you both enjoy into the splendiferous Section C. If she wrote something that you like, add it to the Section C pile (and vice versa). Now you can focus on the items in that saucy Section C. It’s your very own common ground. Use it to choose and activity to do together, and Voila! The positive vibes it creates will bolster your relationship!

When Do You Use This Parenting Strategy, Mom?

Here are 6 topics that you can explore together once you lay the groundwork:

  • What she should be allowed to wear
  • How much makeup is appropriate
  • Hemlines and necklines
  • Food and beverage intake
  • Movies, music and books
  • Dating, parties and socializing

You are both going to love the great and powerful Venn Diagram! It’s wonderful if you’ve been banging heads, because your child will feel heard by you. Great interactions lead to greater understanding of each other.

You can find a ton more ideas and strategies in my book, How To Keep Your Daughter From Slamming the Door(available everywhere).

Here’s a free printable copy of the Valuable Venn Diagram.

Remember: Building a good relationship is a marathon, not a sprint. Use the Venn Diagram in good health! 

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Deborah has decades of experience dealing with teenagers – as a mother, and as an educator. Over the years, she has helped hundreds of families, using her expertise and experience.

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