The Happiness Survey

As life changes around us, we have to actively promote our happiness in order to keep the level high. I came across a happiness survey at and took it. Here are my results:

This is a snapshot of my life while I’m recovering from a virus and trying to launch my next book, which accounts for my less happy scores for health and economy. The fact that I just moved into my neighborhood produced the low community score. Besides that, I’m pretty upbeat (by design).

Many of these scores would be different if I had taken the survey six months ago, as they will be different six months from now (when I’m healthy, have met my neighbors, and am now an internationally renowned author 😉 ).

It occurs to me that this survey can be a powerful tool, in the right hands – like yours. Here’s my suggestion.

  1. Take the survey based on how your life is right now.
  2. Retake the survey remembering how things were before the virus scared everyone.
  3. Look at the difference in your happiness levels.
  4. If your happiness is lower in a particular area, ATTACK IT! Go to and download my free eBook, How To Get Your Happy On and find out what you can easily do to increase your happiness.
  5. Make a plan on how to raise your happiness level, and thereby your contentment. Do what you need to do to turn that segment of your life around.

Once you’ve looked at yourself, and created some strategies to improve your life, have your older kids take the survey two times like you did. Then, let the conversation flow. Discuss:

  • what part of the results surprised them
  • sections where they are happy
  • areas where they are not so happy
  • parts where they are less happy than before, and why
  • sections where they are more happy than before, and why
  • what they think their best friend’s happiness is like
  • what they can do to insure their happy areas remain happy
  • how you can help with the areas where they are less happy than before
  • what your results were like
  • what they think is going on with younger siblings

You can hold the conversation over a couple of days. Spreading it out will give both of you a chance to process what you shared.  Then, make a plan.

After everyone’s on board, do the experiment in the back of How To Get Your Happy On and see how your survey results improve!

Finally, why not take the survey every week and track your happiness level, and the happiness level of your family. It will bring the conversations that need to be had into the spotlight, and it will focus you and your family on the positive.

Don’t forget to laugh really hard every day!

If you’d like to support me, you can also purchase a copy of How To Get Your Happy On here:

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