Free Connecticut Fun

This week I came across a parent requesting the names of Connecticut “museums or the like” that have free or discounted days. (I’ve alphabetized the responses below.)

There were 30+ responses. Is that a great example of reaching out for support – and receiving it? Instead of parenting like you’re alone on an island, find people who are experiencing situations like yours. They contribute to you, and you contribute to them.

Please share any free or discounted family activities that you know of. Make sure you include which state or country it’s in. Here’s a list of comments for Connecticut:

“We just went to the Aldrich Museum this past Saturday. It is free the third Saturday each month. It’s a small museum but tend to have great exhibits.”

Audubon Society.”

“The Bronx Zoo is free on Wednesdays. Advance reservation required.”

CT Science Center in Hartford used to offer discounts to homeschoolers. Not sure of what going on now.”

“I don’t know if the Feinstein Jr Scholar Program is in CT, but if it is, the children get a Jr card. That card provides all sorts of free admission and discounts. Like Mystic Aquarium is one. You can take the child and two additional people for free.”

“You probably could pull up the Feinstein program right online and get one.”

“It appears you can order a card. You need to put in a school though.”

“There is a program called Free Fun Fridays, but it’s only during the summer, through the Highland Foundation. You pick any of the locations participating that Friday (in Mass only) and just get there early because those days can get pretty busy. I don’t know if they’re still doing it due to the pandemic but you can check.”

“The Libraries used to have discount passes. Not sure if they are doing that with Covid though. Local public libraries have free passes available to borrow. They tend to get booked up early though, so be sure to reserve them in advance.”

“Also try your local library several of them have free or discounted tickets.”

“You can get a museum pass at your local library.”

“If you get Snap, Mystic is free for the recipients.”

“Nautilus and Submarine Museum in Groton is always free.”

“We usually get a membership to a museum that has reciprocal benefits to other museums. Our New England Air Museum family membership was $100 and they are part of the North American Reciprocal Museums program, so we have used it to get in free to a lot of other museums.”

“Old Sturbridge Village is charging half price for kids admission now, and sometimes they have free admission days on Mothers Day or Fathers Day.”

Peabody  Museum in New Haven usually has free days in Thursdays from September to June. With everything being shut down, not sure if they’re open. They were also in the middle of remodeling. Children’s museum in New Haven, too.”

Roger Williams Zoo does the same thing with other zoos and museums.”

“If you have a membership for Roger Williams Zoo, you get free admission to the Boston Museum of Science.”

Wadsworth Athenaeum Museum is currently free, you have to book online.”

“The Wadsworth Athenaeum is currently free, operating at reduced capacity. 

You can get timed tickets online.”

The White Memorial Nature Center is free, for kids, one week every month! It’s a really great nature center. And definitely tie in a little pond boardwalk hike!”

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