Sarah Coolidge: Maximizing Our Energetic Field

I’ve admired Sarah Coolidge for many years. I was so pleased when she gave me permission to share this post with you. Trust Sarah to find the silver lining in any situation, even through this current challenge. You can find her here on Facebook.

Maximizing Our Energetic Field

This is new territory for most of us, and my inbox is filling up with emails from all of sorts of businesses, officials and associations, advising and updating me on the latest virus news.

Your inbox probably is looking the same.

So…. how about we take just a minute today to reflect on the magnificence of the human species, how smart and capable we are, and how we can create goodness and kindness for one another… even from three feet away?

Scientists tell us that our hearts have an energetic field that extends beyond our bodies by at least three feet, so that alone means we can continue to connect with one another in a loving way.

What else can we do? We can…

*Blow kisses
*Flash the “I love you ” hand sign
*Nod and smile and tap our hearts
*Jump for joy when upon sighting one another
*Wave and call out a greeting
*Catch eyes, pause for a moment and bow in Namaste

And so much more… what will you think of?

I stand for all of us keeping our hearts loving and alive as we move forward. Our children are watching us. Those who need our support are watching us. The rest of the world is watching us. Heaven above is watching us.

I am sending you, your families, and all those you know big love. Spread it around.

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