A Smoother Holiday Season with Parent Coaching 

Parenting During the Holidays

Merry Meddling, and Happy Holidays to ALL You Awesome Moms Out There 

As Deborah Ann Davis – Meddling Mom, I’d like to wish Merry Meddling and a Happy Holiday Season to all of you!

I’d also like to invite you to take a deep breath, step back, and let it all go. There’s no reason to take it all too seriously while the rest of the world is cranked up to a frantic pace. If you calm it all down, your family will follow your lead… and that will make you feel calmer!

As Deborah Ann Davis – Parent Coach, I wish you Happiness and Success in Your Parenting Relationships. If you need some extra support, I have a ton of tools and techniques in my arsenal. I’d love to share what I’ve learned as a coach, teacher and a mother to help you improve your mother-daughter relationship, and reboot your sense of awesomeness.

Awesome Moms Seek Help Through Professional Parent Coaching 

Mama, you don’t need to struggle to be a perfect mother. I wouldn’t wish perfection on my worst enemy! You’re better than a perfect mom – you’re an awesome mom!

Awesome Moms:
> create opportunities
> seek and implement knowledge
> make mistakes
> correct (most of) their mistakes
> and try, and try, and try.

They collapse on the couch in exhaustion… then, get up and try again.

All awesome moms need support. You don’t have to parent on your own, and a second pair of eyes on your relationship may be just what you need to sort things out. That’s what seeking the help you need through professional parent coaching is all about.  

Give Yourself the Gift of Strengthening Your Mother-Daughter Relationship 

Moms have always been coached… by their moms, and their in-laws, and their friends and their neighbors.

But today’s world is different.
Schooling is uncertain.
Socialization is a mess.
Anxiety in children is off the charts.
This is new territory for everyone.

Hey! Here’s a stressful idea! Why not add the approaching holiday season on top of it?

I’m sure many moms are knee-deep in holiday planning. As you go over your travel preparations and gift list, why not consider a gift that keeps on giving? Participating in parent coaching will bring clarity and purposeful intention to your parenting, and help you reclaim your control of your motherhood. It’s as much a gift for your daughter as it is for you. 

The Mother-Daughter Relationship is the most important female bond in your daughter’s life. You need to figure out how to strengthen your relationship for her sake, and yours. You have to learn how to overcome the teenage angst that creates a wedge between you from your daughter. You can do it all on your own, or you can turn to professional support to help you reconnect, and bring about the close loving relationship you’ve been yearning for. 

Learn how parent coaching can help your situation when you book your Free 30 Minute Chat.

Bridging the Gaps Between Mothers and Daughters with Expert Parent Coaching 

I’m Deborah Ann Davis, and as your Parenting Coach, I’m eager to help you put happiness back into parenting. I’ve helped hundreds of families over the years, so why shouldn’t you take advantage of my experience as an educator and a mother to benefit you, too?

Improve your mother-daughter relationship today. Your child has a better chance at becoming a successful adult if she reconnects with you in a positive way. Every minute you wait allows the downward spiral to continue. She needs you to figure it out, so let me help.  

Have questions? Contact me todayDon’t forget to book your Free Chat.

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