The CT Renaissance Faire

Where can you swing a sword in Connecticut and not get into trouble? The CT Renaissance Faire, of course. Step away from reality and stroll into fantasy.

Short video of minstrels playing: Watch Here

What to wear? You don’t have to dress up, but you’ll have more fun if you do. We’re close to Halloween so all the costume shops are stocked. Or, you can pick up a handmade gown, cape, tunic, pants, or even boots at the faire. It’s worth the investment because, unlike bridesmaids dresses, you can wear this again.

Visit the Living History Encampment and learn about the German women who accompanied the troops.

Imbibe some mead.          Chomp on a turkey leg.          Watch entertainers on a variety of stages.

Get your fortune told.          Join a parade.          Be a spectator at a joust.          Learn about old-time crafts:

Short video of someone spinning: IMG_1287
Listen or sing along to music.          Relive history.          Attend Knight School.

Be enchanted by fairies.          Gobble Dragon Ice Cream.

   The CT Renaissance Faire will have you wiggling with delight.

My first CT Renaissance Faire in Guilford gave rise to my first book, Fairly Certain, was born. Let’s see how inspired you get when you visit the faire. I’ll return to the Faire October 24. You can find me at the Booksellers Booth from 1-3:00. I’d love to see your costume.

Connecticut Renaissance Faire, 300 Washington Ave, North Haven, CT.
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