5 Ways to Build Good Homework Habits

Yes, I stopped teaching last year to write full-time, but I find myself writing about school. Go figure. Anyway, here are 5 Ways to Build Good Homework Habits. Don’t think for a minute this is all I got for homework habits suggestions, but I said I was going to give you 5, so I’m only going to give you 5. If you find anything here helpful, please pass it on to students you know. You can never tell when something will resonate with them and push them toward success.

  1. As a family, discuss a Homework Plan. It has a better chance of succeeding if everyone buys in. Negotiate the basics:
  • Where will homework be done? When?
  • How often will parents check on the progress?
  • What kind of breaks will be taken?
  • With music or without?

BTW, if the plan you set up doesn’t work, tweak it later until things are smooth sailing for you.

  1. Work in a public area of the house. Avoid disappearing into a back bedroom somewhere. Public areas keep you accountable. A measly two hours of homework can easily morph into a labor that extends into the wee hours of the morning, concluding when you fall asleep over the computer without completing your assignments.

Why? Because there are too many distractions.

External Distractions: Instagram. Tumblr. Twitter. Facebook. Pintrest. Email. Chats. MySpace. Music. TV. Gaming. World-building…

Internal distractions:

  • Daydreaming.
  • Musing about a crush.
  • Plotting against a foe.
  • Worrying about finishing…

And what about the distraction of legitimate research? Once you delve into the unknown, countless worlds open up to you just waiting to be explored. It’s very hard to stay on course.

Famous last words: “I’ll detour, just for a minute…” I’m the perfect example. I spent stupid time looking for images for this post.

  1. List everything due tomorrow.

Next to each assignment, estimate how much time it will take. Try to stick to those times. It will help keep distractions at bay.
4. Take a planned 15 minute break every hour. Get Up And Move Around! You can follow @WiggleWriter on Twitter for some suggestions. It refreshes your brain, and it will interrupt any distracting path you may be on.

  • Get a healthy Non-GMO snack.
  • Try to avoid loading up on processed carbs (they’ll make you sleepy and stupid).
  • You want crunchy? Carrots or Do-It-Yourself Popcorn.
  • You want sweet? Fruit.
  • You want something heavy? A handful of Almonds or a piece of meat leftover from dinner.
  • Make a quick call.
  • Check out a website that caught your eye while researching.

5. Drink water! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

  • If you are well hydrated with water, your neural connections will connect the way they are supposed to, and your body will flush toxins while you work.
  • If you hydrate with sweet drinks L, your body will labor to stick that stuff into your fat cells to postpone it injuring you. (An abundance of sweet drinks will make your liver look like you are an alcoholic.)

Done correctly, hydrating with water looks like this:

Drink water. Pee water. Drink water. Pee water. Drink water. Pee water. Drink water. Pee water.

What do you include in your homework plan? I’d love to hear about it. It might make it into my next list.

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