The Snow Has Come

Last year (as in Last Winter, not 2015), the snow in Connecticut was voluminous. We received record-breaking amounts that fell on the previous record-breaking amounts. The snow was too deep to plow the lake for hockey, but some of the ice-fishermen were not deterred.
My neighbor’s Adirondacks chairs were completely buried in snow for a month. I took this picture after a few days of warmer weather.
Everyone fed the birds. Poor little things. The snow was ten times over their heads. Don’t forget to feed the birds this winter. They like to eat mosquitoes when winter is over…I’m just saying.
By the way, have you ever heard the saying, “Snow is the poor man’s fertilizer?” When it snows, the flakes form around particulates in the air, essentially cleaning it. With large amounts of snow, lots of particulates join the soil after it melts, providing missing nutrients.
This year there were tons of apples on my neighbor’s tree, way after all the leaves had fallen. Farms I drove by had the same thing…lotsa apples but no leaves. It looked like red or green or yellow tree ornaments. But they weren’t the only thing producing in a big way. The acorns were small, but so numerous, they were like gravel. My inlaws’ cherry trees covered their driveway with fruit. I don’t think I noticed any of that happening before. Was all this bounty due to the voluminous snow from the previous winter?
Did anyone else see something like this? Do you have a different explanation for it? I sure would like to hear it.

Fast forward to This Winter…

The Snow Has Come…Finally

This year, it’s the second week of January and the snow has finally come! I’m all excited. We might get 3 inches! (you can see the Adirondacks chairs in the background.)
For all you kids  running around your house yelling, “It’s snowing! It’s snowing!” hoping for a snow day, forget it. It’s too little, too early. They’ll have the roads cleared before dawn. Sorry, but when you’ve taught as long as I have, you know. “You know the way you know a good melon.” (Pop Quiz: What movie is that from?)

Actually, I’m talking to the Northeastern kids.

For Southern kids, it’s a completely different ballgame.

Here’s a little New Year gift for those of you who don’t get snow.
PS: This winter is going to be an icy winter in Connecticut.

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