New England Book Festival

What a great way to ring in the New Year…I opened up my computer to send out New Year blessings to anyone who wants to receive them, and what did I find?  Notification from the New England Book Festival that

Fairly Certain won

Honorable Mention at the

2015 New England Book Festival

in the Regional Literature category!

I’m not too excited, am I?

Back to the original purpose of my January 1, 2016 post. I’m joining the hoards who are writing New Years Resolutions today (although, being a teacher, the true beginning of the year to me is August/September). Here they are:

  • Finish editing Fairly Safe and get it published this spring
  • Complete the first draft of the third book in my Love of Fairs series
  • Organize my workbook for girls who make mistakes when choosing someone to love
  • Write, write, write
  • Increase my amount of movement while writing
  • Be able to complete 10 perfect pushups and 1 pull-up without hurting myself
  • On most days, fit 4 cups of greens into my meals
  • Dance with Beloved every day
  • Laugh really hard every day

There, that should do it! By this time in 2017, I should have 4 books under my belt, 2 of them published, be physically fit, consuming a healthy diet on a regular basis, continuing the romantic life with my first love, and have created gallons of feel-good chemicals in my body.

May you look back on this year and say, “This was the best year EVER!”

This is going to be a great year!

Let’s get started! What are your resolutions?

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