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Okay, actually, my book, Fairly Certain, is on a Virtual Book Review Tour with  Reading Addiction. It’s so cool. In a Virtual Book Review Tour, my book gets reviewed by different book bloggers, and we get introduced to their blog sites. It’s a win-win! You can find a list of them at the bottom of this post. Stop in and find your next favorite read. Books make a great gift (hint, hint).

As the week progresses, I’ll post their reviews here.
Today is…

December 16, so it must be time for On A Reading Bender! Thank you for the wonderful review!

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There are a lot of moving parts to this novel and a good amount of drama and action without being action packed. I liked the way the characters were relatable even though it was set in a different time period.
Get ready to be immersed in the world and captivated by the characters she has created.

Response: The CT Renaissance Faire had a living museum of an encampment of wives and babies who followed the German soldiers. If you don’t have time to immerse yourself literally, then immerse yourself literaturely in Fairly Certain for a different kind of encampment.
December 15, so it must be time for Novel News Network! Thank you for the wonderful review!
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An explosive start to a novel. Deborah Ann Davis manages to draw readers into her world and captivate us with her writing and characters. I think my main praise for Davis would be [her] ability to use vivid descriptions to make the reader feel like they are in the world with the characters. 
There is a lot to wrap your head around. I loved the way that she is able to introduce us to all of the new places and things without us feeling bogged down with detail. 
A smooth plot that keeps readers engaged throughout really rounds out the writing for me.

Response: Everyone is welcome to my world! Imagine the merry life of an outlaw- setting up camp in the forest,  living off the land, foraging in the woods for plants and animals- definitely captivating.
December 12, so it must be time for The Indie Express! Indies of the world unite!

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This is a New Adult Romance that really deals with some darker elements and the main character (Petir’s) way of dealing with being a bit of a nerd.
The characters were relatable and I felt a connection with Petir and what he was going through.
I am interested to see where Deborah will take this series next.

Response: Anyone interested can preorder Fairly Safe, the next book in the Love of Fairs series, which will be out in March 2016.
December 11, so it must be time for The Steamy Side! Another great review! This is turning out to be a great week. Thank you!
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Petir’s character is very well developed and he really is a great lead, though you wouldn’t expect him to be one. He is someone readers will be rooting for from the very beginning!
The fantasy/paranormal aspect of the story was actually interesting. I liked the way it evolved.
One thing that was definitely not lacking was the action. I felt like this one was action packed from the beginning and most definitely kept me flipping pages! 

Response: I love your comment on the action. One of the most difficult choices I have to make with my books is the selection of genre. Yes, they’re fiction, but what kind? Action? Yes. Suspense? Yes. Humor? Yes. Romance? Yes. See my problem?
December 10, so it must be time for Texas Book Nook! A review all the way from Texas! Thank you!

This is a novel with a lot of moving parts. Being that it is a first in a series, you are getting a lot of information on the characters and world Deborah Ann Davis has created. 
I enjoyed reading through Petir’s journey and watching his growth from beginning to end. 
Deborah definitely knows how to weave a tale.

Response: My second book in the Love of Fairs series, Fairly Safe, features completely different characters, except for Gypsy Ana. I’ll be introducing them to you in 2016. You can preorder it now.

December 9, so it must be time for A Life Through Books! Thank you so much for the review.

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Reviewed Fairly Certain
Unique. That is the word I would use to describe Deborah Ann Davis’s novel and her main character. I loved that the main character wasn’t some casanova or supremely popular kid. He was a bit geeky and had plenty of problems that stemmed from that. It made him compelling and easy to get behind as a character.
         As far as plot and pacing. I was very happy with how everything unfolded. Nothing ever felt forced or lagging. I can’t wait to see what’s next! 
Response: I have to say Petir is one of my favorite characters, too. He is a composite of the fabulous students who have made their way to my desk for a chat over the years. As a Science teacher, the type of persona who seeks me out has a quirky appreciation of the natural and/or physical world. To me, their interest cranks them up a notch on the Cool Continuum. On some level, they know this, so I get to see their bold and confident side, the one they hide from their peers. I hope someday they see themselves the way I see them- dynamic and interesting. They are unique. Petir is a tribute to my peeps, the Science Geeks.
 My Reading Addiction
December 8, so it must be time for My Reading Addiction! My first review on the tour. Thanks!
Reviewed Fairly Certain
I love re-tellings of fairy tales. I think its great to see what authors can do with a story that we are so familiar with and how they can make it their own. Deborah Ann Davis really managed to do this for me. She has a character who is so different from the original. I loved Petir so much as a lead character.
I loved how smooth and quick of a read it was. There wasn’t anything that was hard to follow and I found myself flipping through pages and finishing in no time at all.
Response: Smack in the middle of my first Renaissance Faire, Fairy Certain blossomed in my head. I literally stood transfixed on the main concourse, turning and staring at the people who would become the supporting characters in this tale of old as seen through the eyes of the young. I might’ve been an unusual sight for the setting-
  • not in costume.
  • standing still in the middle of the walkway.
  • staring at a variety of individuals (some of who stared back).
  • scribbling ideas on scraps of paper

I wrote like a person trying to preserve a dream upon waking. And no one minded.

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Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 6.37.29 PMREVIEW

Fairly Certain it’s a witty, funny and romantic read.

With an original plot, the story flows with a steady pace, introducing us into a fantastic world by the hand of a geek!! And by that, we have smart and witty dialogue guaranteed. The book is full of twists and turns, some laugh at loud moments and two really likeable main characters. I want to remark that the Author has a beautiful way to describe situations, moments, feelings, etc. The writing is excellent!!

Highly recommended.

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