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It’s Back To School Time!

The first hint that school is around the corner is the suddenly cool evenings in August. The second is the first orange leaves scattered among the trees. The third is the endless commercials for Back to School sales. I decided to celebrate the return to academia with my own way…

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The rafflecopter will commence 8/25/16 and end 9/16/16 at midnight. Winners will be announced on 9/19/16. Some lucky person will receive an extra ten bucks for back to school supplies.
This is such a wonderful time of year. Back To School is a brand new beginning for students. No matter what happened last year, this school year is a fresh start. After 27 years of re-starting school, I’ve got plenty of advice to give. Take a moment to set some goals for yourself. Plan ahead how you are going to handle homework time.
And it just so happens that this wonderful time of year coincides with the launch of Fairly Safe, my second book!       >applause from the cheering throng<
I’m happy to say the second in my Love of Fairs series is getting great reviews. It almost makes the career switch from teacher to author worthwhile…almost. Kids and backpacks still tug my heartstrings as I watch them head for their new adventure, new relationships, new revelations, new trials and tribulations, new knowledge, new skills…
May this be your best school year ever (so far)! Good luck on the Back to School Giveaway!
-This giveaway is closed-

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  1. Just found you via Twitter your book sounds intriguing. The advice I would give a freshman is have a notebook for lists and ideas as your phone can and will run out of battery at the most inappropriate time and your head will get crammed with lots of other information.

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